Sunday, June 28, 2020

Judi Tembak Ikon Online Gambling

Judi Tembak has recently written an article in the Los Angeles Times about a so-called "gambling problem"online gambling problem" which, she says, is "online gambling is one of the reasons that the online gambling industry has so much support from all parties involved." But what she fails to mention is that her "findings" have been used as the justification for the online gambling industry and its associations to do anything they want with regards to online gambling. The article focuses on two specific players within the online gambling world: "Christian, Kyber"John Sporket," (or in the other dictionary version, "Crosbie, (or Croque)") both of whom are cited as part of the "legal" action. Let's take a look at Judi Tembak's article and the responses that have arisen.

* She focuses on "legal" issues concerning Christian and Sporket's "extensive use of gambling sites to generate income." In reality, this is an incredibly misleading way to draw conclusions about the conduct of one player in particular. The website associated with John Sporket is a gambling related site, and "joint venture" with Christian Kyber was enough for Tembak to list this site among those to be considered a "party" in the legal action.

* Tembak correctly points out that the legal judi tembak ikan online issues between "Christian, Kyber and John Sporket" involve "controlling" gambling money. But it is also important to note that Tembak's characterization of this issue is somewhat more subtle than it seems, suggesting that both Christian and Sporket are engaged in behavior that violates the rules and regulations of the online gambling industry.

* In response to Tembak's article, Liz Black, executive director of the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC), made a statement to the Los Angeles Times regarding the claims made by Tembak and others against online gambling. Black states that her organization's "primary focus is on compliance of the industry, not litigation." This would appear to suggest that Tembak's conclusion that these players were improperly included in the suit is partially based on incomplete data or incomplete investigation.

* Judi Tembak's opinion piece in the LA Times suggests that online gambling is "one of the reasons that the online gambling industry has so much support from all parties involved". Again, this is an extremely misleading and incomplete characterization of the facts surrounding this issue. While online gambling certainly does enjoy a tremendous amount of support from everyone from the California Attorney General's office to the Professional Gambling Industry Association (PGIA), there is also considerable support for online gambling in the media.

* There is a small amount of support for online gambling from many of the major news media, including the New York Times, CBS News, The Washington Post, CNN, The Associated Press, and The Associated Press. It is worth noting that these different groups do not necessarily agree with each other on the merits of online gambling. Many media outlets make their voices heard as well as support the right of online gambling.

* Online gambling proponents claim that such a system is inherently beneficial to the industry and to society as a whole. However, it should be noted that those same supporters frequently point to their own businesses and financial support as evidence of the fairness and integrity of the online gambling industry.

* In addition to their position as individuals, Judi Tembak and other online gambling supporters also have strong ties to the California Gaming Commission (CGCC), as the CGCC is in fact "a joint venture between the California Gambling Control Commission and the Association of Casino Casinos of California." So, as a result of their financial support, these media groups often have an inside view into the online gambling industry and their decision making processes.

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