Monday, May 4, 2020

Some Thoughts About Dewapoker

Duane Chumack is the author of Daftar Dewapoker. He is an avid player and knows his game. His expertise can be seen in writing new tactics to beat opponents.

In chess, there are two major types of games played, the grandmasters and amateurs. Amateurs cannot afford to become great at a game if they want to make a living. The most famous ones are FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) and IM (International Master). Once an amateur becomes great, he has to take a long vacation and travel around the world to practice his game. The result is a mediocre career.

On the other hand, Grandmasters of Duane Chumack's genre always succeed in making a good living. What makes them so successful? This is a topic of mystery, of course. The very fact that a top rated expert or author is not being recognized by the major chess centers as a true "master" is a mystery. The best answer is that duane chuck is not just a good book seller, he is also a top rated expert in his field.

In Dewapoker, Duane Chumack introduces a new concept called "forced sequences". These sequences are the top quality decks. They should be used in everything, but especially in DeWapoker where there are serious social competition players.

Dewapoker is also a game that depends on chances. The chances of playing a particular card in any particular position are given by Duane Chumack as random number generators. That means that you are never certain when a particular card will appear.

To show that each position in DeWapokeris a complicated combination of cards, duane Chumack has presented a poker range. This set is a very nice card for beginners, since you get a lot of variety in your position. A very nice surprise for the skilled player will be to see how the powerful hands and weak hands in the range are based on the various sequences.

Another obvious issue with the approach of the author is the "endless game" principle. He mentions time and again that this system is not easy to use. It is a great tool, but you need a lot of time and knowledge to master. He does not see his technique as a competitive killer.

If you have not read Dewapoker yet, I recommend that you do so before starting to play DeWapoker. Read it first and if you like what you have read, try it.

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