Saturday, April 18, 2020

Judi Bola

JUI (Judi Bola) introduced us to the world of embroidery with her debut book, the Award Winning "Knit in Pieces". She describes her original technique of using loops of yarn and this ingenious way of making patterns seem alive with the powerful process of creative thinking.
Every time she started a new pattern, Judi Bola would always be willing to put in an extra hour to get it right. She would put the finishing touches up to learn that she was missing or add the stitch markers she needed to help her remember a stitch better. JUI's style can be described as a very relaxed one and offers numerous opportunities for you to create beautiful patterns without the often arduous steps of cutting, weaving and tying up that we see on so many knitters' pages.
JUI is a wonderful way to use needles, but there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to using needles and thread in creating knitted garments. As a general rule, the thread should come in from the front of the garment and come out from the back. Try not to put the thread all around the needle and when cutting, try to leave a few inches on either side.

แทง บอล  has a keen eye for detail and her designs are stunning and attention grabbing. With several sizes available, this could make a very good gift. The above mentioned "Knit in Pieces" is a little more expensive than most similar patterns but is more than worth the money. I have given two of these books to my daughter, who is now happily knitting a lovely sweater with them.
I think that Judi Bola would have had the best of intentions with this book, which can easily be described as being that of a sweater encyclopedia. I think it will be helpful to all knitters, particularly those who have not designed anything on their own. Judi Bola is extremely informative and provides well-researched information on her pages. She also shows us how easy it is to create knitted garments, and how great they look when completed. My daughter is thrilled with these knitted garments and will find herself making them again.
Judi Bola is indeed a rising star in the world of design and technology. She has very clearly drawn a unique line in the sand for the ever growing world of knitting patterns.
Please take a moment to read the original design for "Knit in Pieces". The pattern has been created using the best of JUI's designs and will provide anyone interested with easy inspiration. As a designer, Judi Bola is really onto something truly special.

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